Things Seen in the Wild - 1st Time

Today I went back up the Trail Ridge Road - long story short is that I had mechanical problems with my film camera and ruined a whole roll of fill from yesterday’s trip.  Not happy because I had some pictures taken in the fog and there was no fog today !  I was however not gonna be defeated.

This time I saw a moose cross the road but that will have to wait for the film to be developed.  Then once at the Homestead site I saw a caravan of Earth Roamers - super high end truck campers going from $1/2 million to $2million.  They are manufactured just up the road from us in Dacono, Colorado but I’ve never seen one in person.  Then on up to 11,800 ft ASL to the gift shop/cafe and was confronted with a panhandler- I’ve never encountered a panhandler at this altitude!

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