Tumblr might be the new Instagram

Photographers are disgruntled about Instagram.  I certainly am.  Last year the person in charge at IG announced that they were gonna be de-emphasizing photography and pushing video to compete with Tik Tok .  Well this didn’t work out as they get whooped.  So now the same person is saying that this was an over reach on his part.  Nothing really has changed as the platform is really now more geared to Tik Tok and reels.  Also their algorithm pushes some really weird crap.  Mine started to push Arabic posts - not that I have anything against this - it’s just that I have no interest!!

Someone made the suggestion that photographers should look to putting their work on Tumblr which I have been subscribed to for some time.  I wasn’t really using it much to post.  I decided to take the leap and start a whole new Tumblr called ColoradoPrairie  The first thing I noticed is all the ads.  Well for a little over $3 per month you can get rid of them.  This is a fair price.  My other place the I post film photography Grainery charges $3/month to upload, they don’t have ads.  So this is comparable.

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