Ventilator Playlist

I know this is morbid but with COVID controlling our lives it felt appropriate to put together a playlist.  Not just any playlist but one that would surely rouse me out of my coma if I were to be on a ventilator.  I will send this to my sister who is a former ICU nurse - she will surely get it.  No her name is not Shirley!

#1 with a Bullet. September by Earth Wind and Fire - two versions take your pick

#2 Cantaloop - a Jazz standard done by many.  This version is a hip-hop version.  The video really makes this song sweet!

#3 - Good Vibrations - Beach Boy Classic but done by others - this version selected because of the audio

#4 When the Levee Breaks - Led Zeppelin.  Remember the saying ” If you don’t have Zeppelin on your playlist - you don’t have a Playlist!!”

#5 This Girl by the KUNGS - the high energy will needed to get me out of the coma I’m in

#6 Hotline Bling by The Hamiltones - these guys ooze soul - this was shot in their dressing rooms for God’s sake

#7 Ghost Chickens in the Sky - a parody of Ghost Riders in the Sky - absolutely hilarious

#8 This Thing Called Love by Dwight Yoakim - originally written by Freddie Mercury as a tribute to Elvis - I think both would be ecstatic about this version

#9 Prodigal Son - just cuz it’s Ry Cooder

#10 and if I don’t make it……… I Shall Be Released - Bob Dylan and The Band

Oh yeah if I never end up on a ventilator just consider this my top 10 Videos !    - The Management

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