We Are 100 - Book Review

This is part of the new “Book Club” feature on this blog.  We Are 100 is by Nathaniel Timmel a writer, comedian, Instagram Personality.  I don’t normally read fiction but I got sucked in and have really enjoyed this tome.  It’s a crime novel wrapped up in an ethics question.  People doing bad things to people or corporations that are even worse is how it’s descrbed.

The basic plot without giving anything away is that folks that have been aggrieved by a person or corporation takes to getting revenge.  The FBI gets involved to figure out who’s behind all of this.

Reading this reminded me of the “revenge” genre that we see in books and movies.  Falling Down with Michael Douglas (1993) is a perfect example.  You push people to far and you get what you weren’t expecting.  Myself I get sucked into watching You Tube clips of movies featuring Bullies getting their comeuppance.  Very satisfying to say the least.  Good triumphing over Bad - rare to see this actually in reality.

Though sometimes the little person does triumph.  This is from a recent Associated Press article - I actually work for this medical corporation and I was overjoyed when they got kicked in the ass for their behavior.

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