What Have I really Accomplished

What have I really accomplished during this time of COVID quarantine?  

- Finished ‘Collosus’ about the building of the Hover Dam.  A big book but well worth the read

- Reading ‘Rabid’ , a historical look at Rabies - cuz’ Rabies is far worse, scarier than COVID

- Will be reading ‘The Plague’ by Camus just because

- Learned that Pat Metheny, Joni Mitchell and Jaco Pastorius once played in concert together - I did not see that comming

- Learned that Levon Helm and Robbie Robertson hated each other because RR owed Helm lots of money for record and recording credits and apparently never paid him.  Not good Mr. R!

- Pat Metheny is only 9 days older than me! Both of us are Leo’s .  He has talent and I don’t.  I will always be appreciative that Al, my brother introduced me to PM.

- Have shot with some unusual film this quarantine - Astrum 100 from the Ukraine, Rollei InfraRed 400, Berger 400 film ( yet to be developed).

-Entered two photo contests

- Hiked with Vicki - some of the treks were pretty steep and then I reflect on where I was about a year ago after heart surgery and I’m blown away by were I am.  Like the old joke ’ My doctor told me to walk 5 miles and day….after two weeks I was 70 miles from home!!’

-Spent 3 days trying to get an obviously sick raccoon to leave our premises and learned that Wheat Ridge Animal Control are fuckin’ worthless

-Put together a playlist should I end up on a ventilator with COVID only to find out from my brother-in-law Gary that there is a song called Ventilator Blues

-Really geeky stuff like remotely controlling my small Raspberry Pi computer from the Mac.  This is for the eventual weather station for the backyard.

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