Which Photo Doesn’t Belong

THEY ALL BELONG - cuz they all happened today. It was one of those days where things ( stars ) were aligned.  Today after much angst trying to find a place to get my COVID vaccine I finally got one - of all places my local Safeway!  Next I received in the mail a package from Germany that I’ve been literally waiting for  two months for.  Contains Scala BW slide film and chemicals to develop same.  Next started the afternoon of zoom webinars - Jason Lee and an associate talked about their photographic style.  Jason Lee has had several careers - notable as the star of the TV show ” My Name is Earl” which I used to watch .  He then went on to have some notoriety in the skateboarding world.  Now he’s an accomplished photographer whose shooting style  I closely identify with.  From there it was onto to Zoom presentation by Heart Mountain which was one of the incarceration camps for Japanese Americans during WWII. Finally after my wife lost her $5500 pair of tinnitus reducing hearing aides, I found them this evening avoiding the expense of replacing them.  To say the least I’m exhausted but that could just be the dinner time whiskey and COVID vaccine ?

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