Duluth and Hibbing Minnesota


Getting to the gathering point is also part of the adventure.  We stay the first nite in Broken Bow, Nebraska at a Brewery - part of the Harvest Host program where free nite's parking can be had.  You are encouraged to buy some product which for us was easy - a nice dinner and some of their brew. Next nite we were in Sioux Falls , South Dakota at a KOA where Vicki and I had a friendly game of put-put golf.  The score card does not lie.  Finally we stayed in Southern MN for the last nite before going into Duluth.  I sometimes like to roam cemeteries and the two that we found did not disappoint.


Highway 61 starts north of Duluth and continues to New Orleans.  It's been variously called The Great River Road and The Blues Highway.  Our stop in Duluth was convenient and tied in with Bob Dylan - he was born here and then lived until High School graduation in Hibbing , MN Northwest of Duluth.  We also took in Paisley Park, MN near Minneapolis.  This is the home and studio of Prince.  No real pictures as they don't allow them. The tour was excellent.  I didn't really know much about Prince and now I do as well as appreciating him as a true artist.

What you below is a smattering of photos taken in Duluth.  Pink Flamingos are part of Airstream culture and are often seen at encampments. The last two are a memorial to a dark time in Duluth's racial history where three black men were lynched from the street light as they were thought to have raped a white girl.  Turns out that the story of the rape was fabricated.

Duluth Armory

The Duluth Armory is a special place for Dylan fans -On January 31, 1959, two nights before Holly's death, 17-year-old Bob Dylanattended Holly's performance in Duluth. Dylan referred to this in his acceptance speech when he received the Grammy Award for Album of the Yearfor Time Out of Mindin 1998: "… when I was sixteen or seventeen years old, I went to see Buddy Holly play at Duluth National Guard Armoryand I was three feet away from him ... and he looked at me. And I just have some sort of feeling that he was ... with us all the time we were making this record in some kind of way"


While in Duluth we rented e-bikes and took a tour with the owner of the company who is a native of Duluth

GlenSheen Mansion

Former home of the Congdons who made their wealth in the Iron Range and built this house on the North Shore of Duluth

North Shore