We're in the South 

Once we got to West Memphis, Arkansas I felt like I was really in the south.  We were right across THE river from Memphis

Sun Studios

What do Elvis, Carl Perkins, Jerry Lee Lewis and Johnny Cash all have in common ?  They all recorded at Sun Studios in Memphis.  Elvis first hit was laid down on vinyl at this studio which still functions as a studio - 706 Union

Al Green Tabernacle

The caravan was going to visit the Al Green Tabernacle but when we showed up it was closed due to COVID.  Just keep this in mind when you listen to his great hits.

Beale Street

Fairly cheesy affair in my opinion.  We had a good meal at BB Kings restaurant but if you were short of time you could easily pass this over and not be worse for it.


No visit to Memphis is truly complete without a visit to Graceland - Elvis' home.  It was named Graceland by the original owner.  Has to be one of the worst decorated houses I've seen in a long time.  Some say it was just what was popular at the time but I think it's from a lack of imagination