Japan Stories

Having just returned from my first trip to Japan, I am overwhelmed with thoughts and feelings about the experience.  I was there for 10 days - hardly enough time to let things sink in.  The trip was a bit daunting, unlike any other trip that I've taken to a foreign land.  Figuring out things in an entirely new culture is no small task.  

For 4 months before the trip I started planning, reading guides, watching YouTube videos on does and don'ts in Japan.  The language barrier was very difficult mostly because the alphabet and lack of English speakers in Japan.  BUT we made it.  

The Gardens at Ninjo Castle, Kyoto

The itinerary was very aggressive to say the least.  Tokyo, Gotemba ( Mt. Fuji), Himeji, Hiroshima, Kyoto and finally Nagoya ( for F1 race) then home in 10 days.  Add to this a Super Typhoon (#19) and a 4.5 earthquake and you will see what I'm talking about. 

I would definitely go back.  Knowing a little more about how to do things it would be fantastic.

Shinto Shrine on the back streets Shinjuku ( entertainment district)

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